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Benefit Programs for Persons who are Disabled

The programs from Medicaid, Social Security, Medicaid Waiver programs, etc., which are here to assist a person with disabilities, become more of a puzzle than they should be and stop families from further investigation and application.
The puzzle of benefits, medical care, funding, programs keeps people from dipping into the pond that you need to dip into if you want to understand any and all benefits you may be able to obtain for him/her.

While we can’t promise you will be able to find and piece together the whole, we can help you learn to take the best approach and plan NOW. It is never too early to plan and never too early to understand what you will need in the future.

Every step we take along the road, being prepared for what you will need at the next intersection will help you to make the best plan for your loved one.

Special Needs Trusts: funded with the money of the person with a disability: Self settled or First Party Special Need Trust
Special Needs Trust: Funded with money from parents/relatives/friends of a person with a disability: Third party special needs trust.
Special needs for special children: What can you do to prepare for your child’s future:
Life planning for a child with special needs Planning for the financial future of a child with Disabilities

How to advocate for your child with a disability from day one.

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