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Child Disability Benefit

Protecting your child who has disability so that he or she can receive the maximum in benefits and assistance when you are no longer there to provide for them is a priority for parents. If your child has a disability that can be proven prior to age 22, he or she may, under certain circumstance, qualify for “child’s disability benefits” under the Social Security system. Even if they are now past that age, medical records may show the onset prior to age 22.

Social Security Administration Information

Social Security Administration (SSA) defines a CDB (Child Disability benefit) or DAC (Disabled Adult Child) as *someone who is 18 years of age or over and can prove they were disabled prior to age 22

This benefit is paid as long as the “DAC” remains disabled, does not marry (unless marriage to another person with a disability benefit), and has a parent that has credits under the Social Security Administration. The parent must be:
– deceased, or receiving Social Security retirement benefits, or be receiving SSD benefits in order for the DAC to qualify to receive benefits as well.

Our office can help you to determine if your child may be eligible for this benefit.

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