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denied social security claimIf the Social Security Administration (SSA) denies your disability benefit application, you may be unsure of what to do next. What most people do not know is that the office denies many valid claims at the initial application level. However, upon proper appeal, the SSA reverses its decisions in a substantial number of cases. Downers Grove Social Security lawyer Mary L. Collins has practiced disability law for over 30 years, helping individuals obtain deserved benefits in both the public and private sector. In her Social Security Disability law practice, every client receives her utmost personal attention and care as she works to obtain results. As soon as you are denied, call attorney Mary L. Collins for a free consultation.

Even if you do not call for representation, if you feel you cannot work, you should appeal the denial. Do not let the appeal time pass. This can cause a loss of benefits.

The Steps for Appeal
The first denial of Social Security Disability or SSI benefits is appealed by a Request for Reconsideration. If a Request for Reconsideration is denied, the next appeal is a Request for Hearing. Each appeal is due within a set number of days from the denial, so it is extremely important to call and discuss your claim. Mary L. Collins and her staff can explain the process and what should be done to appeal. Do not miss the deadline. There are limited exceptions available to those who miss a deadline due to “good cause,” but your best chance at success is to meet all deadlines at the first opportunity.

To qualify for Social Security Disability or SSI, the SSA considers many factors, including medical records and history, age, education and work experience. At the first two stages, the initial review and the reconsideration, the SSA may not have obtained all the medical evidence. They may not have considered your prior work properly. They may not have paid attention to your medical diagnosis, or they may not have sufficient evidence to support the symptoms that you claim prevent you from working. We start by reviewing their records and then through discussions with you, we develop the claim with the help of your medical treatment providers. It is important to discuss any and all medical problems, even if you do not feel some of the diagnosis are relevant to your ability to work. Mary L. Collins and her staff will do all they can to develop the claim and obtain the benefits if they feel there is merit.

You Have the Right to an In-Person Hearing
Many claims need to go to a hearing before an administrative law judge. There is a long wait between your request for a hearing and the actual hearing date. The wait can be 12 months or longer. The hearing, however, is the only time where you can offer evidence and testimony in person. We can help you tell your story by using medical records, your testimony and statements or testimony from friends and family.

If the hearing is denied, there is an appeal to the Appeal Council. This is a very lengthy process, but if you have been denied at the hearing despite the presentation of a very good claim, the Appeal Council step must be taken. The Appeal Council can review the claim, they may remand the claim for another or supplemental hearing, or totally reverse the decision of the judge.

A Personal and Caring Law Firm
Mary L. Collins is not your typical lawyer. Her firm has a unique compassion for individuals whose lives have presented challenges that others may never have to face. Mary gives each client personal attention, care and respect. Her clients notice the difference, and you will, too. Contact Downers Grove disability attorney Mary L. Collins to schedule a free consultation. If you cannot travel to her office due to physical limitations, she will do her best to make accommodations for you. Serving the counties of DuPage, Cook, Kane, Kendall and Will, there is no charge unless your claim is successful.

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