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We’re extremely enthusiastic and committed to delivering the highest quality of service to each of our customers. We’re taking the requisite steps and tactics to win your lawsuit. Our company’s credibility is built on our record of exemplary performance.

Providing the following Social Security Disability services for Hinsdale:

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSD): You could be liable for SSD benefits, if you have already employed, have taxes taken out of your income and are now unable to manage because of a physical or mental deficiency.

Supplemental Welfare Income (SSI): You will be liable for SSI benefits when you are retired from jobs and your family income slips below a certain level, even if you have not been employed consistently in the past three years.

SSD / SSI requirements: To apply for these advantages, learn what it takes.

Children’s disabilities benefits: If your child has a marked and severe disabilities, he or she can apply for SSI benefits.

Your pain, impairment, and illness: You might be liable for benefits because of a heart attack, amputation, stroke, psychiatric disease, orthopedic injury, etc., depending on how badly the diagnosis affects the ability to function.

Refused claims appeal: if the initial case is denied, do not lose confidence. We’ll help you make an application for the money and medical treatment you deserve and fight for it.

Disability hearings: When you are appearing before an administrative law judge, it is important that you know what to expect. We would take the time to thoroughly train you and your case.

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