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The Essential Guide to Special Needs Estate Planning with Collins Disability Law

At Collins Disability Law, Chicago’s top-rated and fully insured disability lawyer with 10+ years of experience, we understand the importance of providing the best possible care for your loved ones with special needs. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping you plan for the future with our comprehensive guide to special needs estate planning.

What is Special Needs Estate Planning?

Special needs estate planning is the process of creating a financial plan for a person with special needs. The goal is to provide for their financial needs in the event of the primary caregiver’s death or disability, as well as to ensure that the person with special needs is provided for in the future. Special needs estate planning can include a range of legal and financial strategies, such as setting up a trust, creating a will, and more.

Benefits of Special Needs Estate Planning

Special needs estate planning provides numerous benefits for people with special needs and their families. It can help ensure that the person with special needs will be financially secure in the future, regardless of what happens to the primary caregiver

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