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Special Needs Planning is a necessary and complex process, one that Collins Disability Law has the expertise and compassion to guide you through in Lisle, IL. Our mission is to provide comprehensive legal advice, support, and planning services for families and individuals living with disabilities. We recognize that every situation is unique, and we prioritize personalizing our approach to meet each client’s specific needs. Feel free to contact us anytime at 630-241-7903 for a free estimate.

At Collins Disability Law, we understand that special needs planning goes beyond providing for the financial security of a loved one with a disability. It’s about ensuring they have access to the support and resources necessary to enjoy a meaningful, fulfilling life. When we assist you with special needs planning, we’re helping secure a future where your loved one can thrive, not just survive.

One of our main services in Lisle, IL is the establishment of Special Needs Trusts. These legal instruments allow a person with a disability to maintain their eligibility for public benefits while still having access to funds that can supplement those benefits and pay for additional expenses. Trusts can be a key component of a comprehensive special needs plan, providing a way to care for a loved one without jeopardizing their vital support services.

Lisle Special Needs Planning Lawyer

Guardianship is another crucial element we address in our special needs planning. In some cases, a person with a disability might require a legal guardian to make decisions on their behalf. We guide families through the process, ensuring it is handled with the utmost respect and attention to the individual’s rights and desires.

Collins Disability Law also provides assistance with government benefit programs, such as Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Navigating these programs can be challenging, and our team is here to ensure that our clients understand their eligibility, the application process, and the potential benefits they could receive.

With special needs planning, the goal is not just to set up the necessary legal and financial structures but also to provide peace of mind. The knowledge that your loved one’s future is secure, that their quality of life is prioritized, and that they have access to all the resources they need is invaluable. It’s this understanding that drives us at Collins Disability Law to offer the best services possible to our clients.

As part of our commitment to accessible and transparent services, we provide free estimates. We’re fully aware that families dealing with special needs planning often face financial strains, and we aim to offer the highest quality legal counsel at affordable rates. When you reach out to us at 630-241-7903, our team will listen, understand your needs, and provide an honest assessment of the likely costs.

Special needs planning is a journey, but with Collins Disability Law, you won’t have to travel it alone. We’re here to navigate the complex terrain of legal, financial, and government systems, helping you secure a brighter future for your loved one with a disability. In Lisle, IL, and beyond, we stand ready to support you with empathy, expertise, and dedication.

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